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Posted by beautyandthespa on June 12, 2019 at 10:50 AM

The blog is back!

Welcome to the Beauty and the Spa blog…again….

We (J and Mel) started a blog a few years back and whilst our intention to keep you updated with our world, offer advice and tips to help you live a healthy, happy life were there we were a little distracted by the business to actually get round to blogging all that much. However after focusing and dedicating our time to building our wellbeing practice we have decided to schedule some time to creating and uploading content to the blog (still a strange word).

For those of you that know us we are all about making time, we believe there is enough time if you use if wisely. It is important to make and schedule time for things that are important to you. Life is all about choices and prioritising things that you value, things that make you happy and that enable you to live your best life, the most happy, healthy, fulfilling life you can live.

So by proclaiming we are back, its time to start getting to work. We are really passionate about well-being and helping clients live their most happy, healthy life. We believe in a holistic approach to well - being and that by combining good practices and discipline to key areas of your life, including, regular exercise, physical and mental health, diet and nutrition and massage and holistic treatments you will bring positive change and restore balance to the mind, body and soul.

So we hope this space will be a useful resource for you to browse our varying topics, find a new wellbeing tip or advice, keep up to date with the wellbeing practice, laugh, take a moment out, share your ideas and join the discussion. Lets learn, share, and support each other as we are all in this wonderful life together :-)


I look forward to communicating with you all and wish you are wonderful day :-)



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