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Acrylic Nails

Full set of Acrylic (natural or french)                                                           £25.00

Infill                                                                                                           £18.00

Full set of Acrylic (natural nail overlay)                                                        £22.00

New Nail (single)                                                                                         £3.00

New Nail (repair)                                                                                         £2.00


Gel nails (UV light)

Full Set of Gel Nails                                                                                     £30.00

Infill                                                                                                           £20.00


Gel polish

Gel Polish - Tru Gel (with UV Gel lasts up to 4 weeks - various colours)         £20.00

Gel Polish Fingers and Toes Package                                                              £33.00

Tru Gel Removal (if applied by Beauty and the Spa)                                        £5.00

Gel Polish Removal (if not applied by Beauty and the Spa)                              £10.00


Nail Extension Removal

Nail removal with cuticle tidy (Acrylic)                                             £22.00

Nail removal with cuticle tidy (Gel)                                                 £25.00


Nail Art

Nail Art Gems (per gem)                                                                                .30p

3D Nail Art (per item)                                                                                    £1.00

3D Nail Art (sculpted)                                                                                    £2.00

Nail Art Decal (per item)                                                                                 .50p 






Gel Polish


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